Areas of Work

At the Parke Law Group we have the courtroom experience you need on your side. Our years of courtroom experience have taught us the value of a case. We can tell you if a case is likely to be a jury trial, arbitration, or the chances of settlement, and what the parameters are likely to be. We feel confident telling you the numbers. That’s what you pay us to do and we’ll be straight with you.

Whether you come to us with a workman’s compensation claim, a real estate problem, or a divorce and child support case, we’ll explain applicable law, tell you your options, and then work to help you attain a resolution that’s fair. Criminal law, family law, and bankruptcy is the majority of our practice. We are comfortable in the courtroom and willing to take your case as far as it needs to go to resolve. On the other hand, most of our clients are concerned with costs and we will use alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, if that will provide a less costly and equally satisfactory solution.

Contact the Parke Law Group to arrange for an initial consultation. Whether you are seeking a criminal law attorney or help with a divorce or bankruptcy, all consultations are confidential. If we agree to enter into a lawyer-client relationship, you will receive written confirmation of the arrangement and our fees. Our rates are competitive and reasonable.